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pocketwatch-30-seconds-flatYou have just 10 seconds to catch hold a user's attention once they land on your web site. Website visitors are often fickle, so first impressions are critical! Making sure your website looks professional will build credibility and help prevent users from leaving. Studies have shown that if you can keep a visitor's attention for just 20 seconds beyond the initial 10 seconds, they become less likely to leave as more time passes.

The Creative Design Factory specializes in making sure your web site design has what it takes to earn your users undivided attention. We combine unique branding, attractive design, ease of use, and an engaging user experience and piece it all together into a well-oiled machine.

What to expect when you enlist us for your website design:

  • Affordable web site pricing. Our focus is on development methods that keep the costs low without sacrificing quality. We have web site solutions that start from just $500!
  • A hassle free experience. It is our mission to make building your web site easy on you. That way you can focus on what matters, your business.
  • Brand consistency is maintained to futher develop your business's credibility.
  • We create an attractive and focused design that will appeal to your target audience.
  • A simple, effective, and engaging user experience (UX).
  • A clean, intuitive, and functional user interface.
  • Built-in search engine optimization (SEO) from top to bottom.
  • Easy social media integration.
  • content management system (CMS) comes standard with all of our sites which makes it easy to update and expand your site. (see below for more details)
  • Real-time analytics allows you see where your customers are from and what they are interacting with on your site.

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  • Content Management Systems (CMS) +


    Content management systems make it easy

    Previously, whenever most small businesses wanted to update their site they had to call up their webmaster to ask them to make the changes. That is now a thing of the past.

    A content management system (CMS) makes it easy to change the content on a site yourself. Keep the content on your site up to date without knowing a single line of code. A CMS gives your site flexibility by allowing you to easily add functionality and changes as your business grows. The following are some examples of the things a CMS can do:

    • Automatically update your social networks with content you post on your website.
    • Easily manage or add events to your website.
    • Combine a CMS with a shopping cart to easily manage your products, sales, and inventory.

    You may have heard of some of the popular CMS solutions before: Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal. Our CMS of choice is Joomla because it combines the best mix of usability and flexibility.

    Why not make it easy on yourself and get a content management system for your website?

  • Responsive (and Mobile) Web Design +


    Responsive design simply makes sense

    According to a mobile path-to-purchase study 46% of people use mobile devices exclusively to search for businesses online. Mobile devices are becoming more popular everyday. There is an ever increasing importance for your customers to be able to find and successfully navigate your website on those devices. This is where responsive design steps in.

    A responsive site will re-size and rearrange itself to fit on any size screen. No longer is it needed to maintain a separate mobile version to have the best user experience on mobile devices. It allows you to make changes to your site once and those changes will reflect across-the-board.

    Ease of use is important to have the highest conversion rate to sales as possible. If your customers become frustrated while visiting your site, they will most likely not stay long. Responsive web design will make it easy for your customers by making sure they will get the best experience possible, regardless of the device they use.

    Don't risk losing business as an increasing number switch to mobile devices; ask for responsive design today!

  • E-Commerce Solutions +


    Expanding your business with E-commerce

    As the world constantly shifts gears towards the increasing use of the Internet, it becomes more important to have all of your business represented online. This includes any products you sell.

    Electronic commerce (or e-commerce) is defined as the buying or selling of either goods or services on the Internet. There are many advantages of having an e‑commerce shopping cart on your site:

    • You can overcome geographical limitations and open doors to a worldwide market.
    • Gain new customers you may not of previously reached using search engine visibility.
    • It is more cost effective as there are much lower operating costs involved.
    • You can remain open at all times and become more easily accessible.
    • Most importantly, e-commerce helps flatten the playing field between large and small businesses.

    We offer a wide range of options available for shipping, merchant account payment processing, and many other options: 

    • In combination with a CMS, you can add or modify products easily yourself.
    • Shipping support for USPS, UPS, and FedEx.
    • Payment gateway support for PayPal, Google Checkout,, and many others.


    There is an art in designing an e-commerce site. The design of your online store can make or break a sale, lure-in customers or drive them away. The quality of the user experience while browsing your online store says a lot about your creditability as a business. It should easy to navigate and maintain a professional presence from start to finish.

    Don't risk losing money! The Creative Design Factory will develop your shopping cart to maximize the number of visitors on your website that become new customers.

  • Affordable Web Hosting +

    Affordable web hosting coming soon.
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